Ysmay is the founder of 42Yogis.com, a yoga lifestyle and wellness platform.

Ysmay is also the Director of Digital Strategy at Joycott.com, a startup dedicated to celebrating small-medium sized businesses who have social good and sustainability at their core.

Before joining the Joycott team, Ysmay was known as the founder of MetroSeeker.com, an online guide to America’s cities that turns local and national celebrities into brand ambassadors for their city. Until recently she was a blogger for Richard Branson’s corporate website Virgin.com where she wrote about urban issues, branding, professional communication and entrepreneurship.

A web developer at heart, Ysmay built her first website at the age of 10. She began attending college when she was 12, and built websites professionally to help pay for tuition.

Ysmay has lived all over the United States, but currently resides in New York with her husband, where she can often be found doing yoga and studying political communication.